Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Random Crap

People used to tell me that since I’m a XXX graduate, I should be doing something that is related to what I’v been taught n not doing IT thing. Patching, updating, bla bla bla…

So when the opportunity comes, I jumped into it without much thinking. Now it’s been almost a yr since d day I jumped into this sea of highly educated people (but can’t think bcos they’v got no brain). It’s d day I decided to jump, but no body came to tell me “U jump, I jump” like what Leo told Kate… Smile with tongue out

Well, back to my crappy post here again. Hmmm… *scratching head. Where’d I stop? Oh! Ya. “U jump, I jump”, huh?

So what happen after almost a year here? *shake head My boss decided to take away my ‘decision making right’ but all matters gotto come to me for authority n decision. Ironic, isn’t it?

Then, he decided to take up more into his plate than the one he can swallow, n drag me along into his pile of crap too.

But, now that he has been relief of that pile of crap, people come telling me, or may b they assume that, my life here will b much easier since he will b taking back some of d load I’m carrying.

Hell, NO! Now he’s so damn f*****g free, he’s poking his nose of everything I do. And worse is he’s too free that he’s replying emails to all other people that I’m d person 2 do his work n his favorite line is, ‘I’ll hv d final vetting n will decide’

WTF!!! This is like U (man, intended) tell ur wifey, “There. Here’s my c*ck. U go f**k urself n I’ll see later whether to lump a load on U”

What an arsehole!

Just don’t feel like seeing that fella. Wat d hell!!!

Btw, I work 4 $$$. If U wan loyalty, go hire a f*****g DOG!