Sunday, September 27, 2009

Working On Weekend


For the past 3 days, since Friday, 25/9/09, both Amy (colleague) and I have been conducting training to the company branches colleagues.

That stupid 'big boss' of ours r so damn dumb that they only allocate 3 days fr us to train where in actual fact, we need about 2 weeks to train up the users to be familiarized with the system. So I was still wondering how the fark i manage to complete my sections so fast hahaha. Plus there r so many *bugs in the system that our dear colleagues r so "happy" to discover.

I consider myself as very lucky as i wasn't "shot down" by our friends there for the bugs and other questions. I really pity poor Amy bcos she's now being "shot" with questions after questions after questions...

Hope that after they come back from lunch, we won't see so much ammunition flying all over the place and the session can go on smoothly.. pray that those *bugs will go back home n not stay till the end of the session.. hehehe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life is all about Survival!

Has anyone personally had a real-life experience where u got urself into trouble just bcos u wanna help someone close to u? I have had heard loads of those. Wife got into prostitution to pay for hubby's debts. Man went bankrupt for defunct partnership with girlfriend, etc.

But now it is really happening right in front of my eyes. This woman got herself into so much debts that banks keep calling her to pay her outstanding amount n she gotto cash-out more money using her credit cards to pay for her debts. All bcos of her brother!

This story gotto start around 2 yrs ago. They were a very good n close knit family where all the family expenses r shared amongst the siblings, n since they were staying in a fully paid-up house, therefore they got nothing to worry about paying the bank loan repayment for their house. But thing has made a 3600 turn about 2 years ago when the elder sister managed to persuade her parents n siblings to move to another house, very much bigger n more expensive.

There started her trouble. With her brother's n sister's salary r so low, she practically gotto help pay out for most of the new house repayment while waiting for her brother n sister to give the money back to her. To make the matter worse, they went on to get a brand new car after selling off their old Nissan Serena, which was also fully paid at that time.

So now, what has happen? Shit has hit the fan!

Banks keep calling her to pay for the outstanding debts as she has already defaulted for a couple of months, as she can't even manage to pay for the minimum payment for the cards. Although her brother n sister do give her some money to "pay" for whatever installment for the house n car, but those money is not even enough to cover half of the repayment amount. And we have not even mention the money they gotto spend for food for the family, the kids n parents.

Today, i heard that she went to her bank to cash-out some money using her credit card. Guess what the money is being used for? To pay the debts of her credit cards!

Damn!!! As we all know, banks will charge a very high interest rate on money cashed out using credit cards. But now she has "got no other choice" but to do that. N she is putting her legs deeper into the "pile of shit"

All these happen just bcos of one thing. Just bcos he is ur brother. Just bcos ur sister can't make ends meet by her meager salary. Just bcos u wanna protect ur brother n sister. And u r not willing to "force" n "chase" them for money. So now, u r getting into big pile of shit urself. U r cracking ur head to figure out how the hell u gonna clean up that load of shit, since ur brother n sister couldn't give u enough money to even cover their own share.

"Life is All About Survival" U alone can't b a hero n help others while u r not in any good state whatsoever. So it's high time that u take some action to get back those money that u help pay for them, n let them know that u r not much different compared to them. U r not their "money tree"! I can bet my last penny, they r not gonna thank u for helping. Why? It's bcos they r so used to it already! "Sis is there to cover, no worries"

Even if u get into trouble n even get sued by banks, they will not b able to help a bit. So what u gotto do now is to think of ur own survival. Who's gonna take care of ur children? Who's gonna pay for ur food? Who's gonna pay for u when u get sued for bankruptcy?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Air-Con That Is Not Cold

hv u ever slept in an air-conditioned room where the air is not even cold? *sigh... i can now foresee that im gonna hv 2 spend more $$$ 2 get a new air-con 4 my room. It is giving me headaches again. The service guy just came 2 fix it a few months ago n now the problem comes back again.

somemore, i just spent a couple of hundred 2 fix my car after d accident. Luckily my friend charged me very cheap 4 d work done n not charging me any for their workmenship.

all about money. MONEY is d only thing now that is d 'king of our life'. Without d 'king' we r doomed.